Rehabs in Oklahoma don't have the same treatment models as Healing Springs Ranch.Of all the drugs that can create a nasty addiction, opiate-based drugs are among the most insidious. On the surface, opiates can create a euphoric and peaceful feeling that’s very easy to enjoy. The problems come because these substances are so highly addictive and require constant use to maintain that special feeling. If you live in Oklahoma, have an opiate addiction and believe you can get the help you need from rehabs in Oklahoma, you might want to reconsider.

No one is suggesting that all rehabs in Oklahoma are sub par. However, it might be difficult to find a facility that offers just the right level of care. An insidious opiate addiction takes a special program. Before you begin your search for rehabs in Oklahoma, there are a few things you should take into account.

Possible Issues With Rehabs in Oklahoma

When it comes to opiate addiction, we are talking about an addiction to hardcore substances like heroin, morphine, codeine, and Oxycontin. Once any of these drugs gain hold of your body and mind, it requires a special level of help to break the chains that bind you. Very few rehabs in Oklahoma offer a wide variety of treatment methods to help you in the fight.

In Oklahoma’s larger cities, rehab centers tend to focus on a very basic level of rehab. In their cookie-cutter approach to treatment, opiate clients may receive the same type of treatment as clients with marijuana or alcohol addiction. That might seem okay, but it fails to address the specific needs of each client. In fact, opiate addiction tends to break down so many parts of an individual’s life that it causes special sets of issues.

Look Past Oklahoma Rehab to Tioga, Texas

It’s also quite possible that the larger rehabs in Oklahoma focus on only short-term residential treatment when longer treatment periods are usually necessary. Also, recent drug abuse data points out there are significant problems in and around Oklahoma. There’s a good chance the better rehabs in Oklahoma are impacted with very little available bed space.

There’s one last issue to consider. If you actually live in Oklahoma, does it make sense to get treatment in the local area? This is the playground where your drug partners and dealers roam. Oklahoma is the place where your triggers and enablers are evident wherever you go. This is where your addiction began and continues to haunt you.

According to the experts, there are great benefits to be realized by seeking help in remote locations, the farther away, the better. By locating a reputable rehab away from your personal culture of drugs, you stand a better chance of avoiding triggers and focusing on the task at hand, a complete recovery from opiate addiction.

The Reality About Drug Abuse in Oklahoma

In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control did a nationwide study on drug-related deaths from one state to the next. It’s alarming to see that Oklahoma was the fifth-worst state in the country with 19.4 people out of every 100,000 residents dying from a drug overdose. That’s almost 20 people for every 100,000. That’s an alarming number that creates a variety of treatment issues.

Knowing that heroin and Oxycontin addiction have been on the rise throughout the country, it’s a good bet that many of the overdose deaths were attributable to opiates. That means there’s an abundance of these drugs in the state of Oklahoma. It also means that local prevention and treatment methods from rehabs in Oklahoma are simply not working.

There’s also the problem of treatment access. As the use of any drug increases, the number of people who need treatment also increases. The best facilities fill up first, leaving a good number of people with substandard care and treatment. Do you want to be one of those people?

A Better Solution to Rehabs in Oklahoma

It’s easy to understand why you might prefer the convenience of getting treatment closer to home, but as we have pointed out, that might not be possible. It also might not be the best alternative. For both long-term and short-term residential treatment, we can provide you with an exciting treatment alternative that’s not that far away from the rehabs in Oklahoma.

Healing Springs Ranch (HSR) is a beautiful treatment facility in the small town of Tioga, Texas. Our facility sits in the middle of a quarter-horse ranch, surrounded by 50 acres of prime Texas real estate. The property provides residential treatment housing, a beautiful lake and a number of nice amenities.

Specifically, our Healing Springs Ranch facility is located 60 miles north of Dallas, 55 minutes away from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and a very short ride from the border of Oklahoma. Within such close proximity, we would like to believe we can create an environment that feels like a “home away from home.”

Our Very Special Treatment Center at Healing Springs Ranch

Healing Spring Ranch sits on the outskirts of Tioga, surrounded by nothing more than 900 residents and Texas horse country. We believe strongly in two main aspects of opiate addiction treatment, the 12 steps of recovery and individualized treatment.

The 12 steps of recovery have formed the basis for treatment and continued abstinence for tens of millions of people throughout the years. With this kind of track record, why wouldn’t a reputable treatment facility want to incorporate such concepts as part of its treatment philosophy? However, if it’s not the program for you, we will work with you to find one that fits you perfectly.

As for individualized treatment, this is our specialty. Each person is a unique human being. We all have unique personality traits and problems. It simply doesn’t make sense to us that any treatment center, even rehabs in Oklahoma, would believe that one size of treatment is going to fit everyone. Something is missing with that approach.

More About Treatment at Our Healing Springs Ranch Facility

In our 28-bed facility, we place special emphasis on treating the whole individual. We believe that each person’s addiction is a direct result of some form of trauma or internal turmoil. Our directive is to get to the core of each client’s problems and use the information to heal their entire body, mind, and spirit.

All of this is accomplished through our proprietary “Integrated Addiction Model (IAM)” treatment program. This model incorporates the 12 step program, a trauma model, and functional medicine practices as the basis for developing individualized treatment programs.

In the beginning, each prospective client is afforded an extensive intake interview. The purpose of this interview is to help us gain insight as to “why” each client is prone to opiate addiction. In other words, what are they trying to medicate themselves from feeling? We strongly believe it’s this “why” that holds the key to developing the right treatment plan for lasting recovery.

After the interview, most clients are in need of detox, especially with an opiate addiction. While we don’t have an in-house detox center, we provide access to one in the local area. After detox, it’s time to begin the client’s individualized treatment plan. We use both short-term residential treatment (30 days) and longer-term residential treatment (90 days or more) as our core options.

Along with intensive addiction counseling and therapy with our professional staff, we start looking at the client’s overall physical and spiritual health. Depending on the needs and desires of each client, this portion of the treatment program might include things like lifestyle training, nutrition education and holistic methods of treatment. Again, we are looking at rebuilding every aspect of our client’s life. You won’t find many rehabs in Oklahoma that use this type of approach.

The Amenities

It’s difficult to find short-term residential treatment rehabs in Oklahoma that offer a large menu of amenities. For your convenience, here’s a short list of the activities and amenities we make available to help treat your body and spirit.

  • Water sports like fishing and kayaking
  • Exercise programs and yoga
  • Holistic treatment options like music or art therapy
  • Outdoor swimming pool and volleyball court
  • 9-hole, par 3 golf course
  • Aquatic driving range
  • Bocce ball court

All of these options provide us with the ability to help our clients develop hobbies and other interests in the afternoons after mornings of intensive therapy treatment. At the end of their treatment, we want our clients to walk out of our facility feeling better than they did before they became embroiled in their addiction. This is what they should find on the road to recovery.

You don’t have to live your life as a slave to opiates. You can find your way back to a better way of living by placing one phone call to our Healing Springs Ranch facility, at 866-656-8384. Where rehabs in Oklahoma fail, we tend to succeed. We can do this for you by identifying your core issues, providing the right individualized treatment plan, and walking you through our treatment model from start to finish.