Looking for Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Missouri?

Drug addiction tends to affect people at all levels of life. In an industrial state like Missouri, the impact of the economy on people's lives creates a great deal of stress. Time and again, drug addiction and alcoholism are born out of stress. If you live in Missouri and find yourself dealing with a harmful addiction, you may be wondering how to find your way out. While there are a number of rehabilitation centers in Missouri, there are reasons for you to look elsewhere.

Importance of Rehab

Drug rehabilitation centers in Missouri may not have group therapy.As you try to survive the daily rigors of sustaining your addiction, you have to consider for a moment whether that's really the kind of life you want to lead. Addiction sufferers who have been at it for years and years live a life of despair. They tend to burn out and disappear or end up in institutions or face the prospect of death. If that's your ultimate fate in your addiction, don't you want to try to live a better life, drug-free?

It's difficult for any of us to face our demons. Your recovery from harmful substances like heroin, meth and/or alcohol represents a mountain you have to eventually climb or perish. The first step on that journey requires that you face your demons and admit you are helpless over addictions. The next step is reaching out for help.

The normal treatment alternatives range from a traditional stint in rehab to special pills sold over the Internet. At the end of the day, treatment at a reputable drug rehab is the only option that has proven reliable on a regular basis. That doesn't mean all rehabilitation centers in Missouri should be considered as viable options. Some are surely fine. However, rehabilitation centers in Missouri might be missing the mark.

Drug Abuse Data From Missouri

Any claims that the rehabilitation centers in Missouri are doing its job are controverted by the evidence. According to the 2013 report issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Missouri ranked in the top 10 in the nation for the number of deaths that year related to a drug overdose. In fact, the state ranked 7th with 17 deaths for every 100,000 people in the state's population.

Even more alarming was the grade is given to the state for the way it handles prescription drug addiction. With an epidemic rise in the abuse of painkillers and opiates, it's very troubling that the CDC gave the state a score of 3 out of a possible 10 for its prevention efforts. Since rehabilitation centers in Missouri are considered part of the state's prevention apparatus, they must be complicit in the problems.

Things to Consider Related to Rehabilitation Centers in Missouri

It might seem a bit unfair to levy blame for the state's drug problems in the rehabilitation centers in Missouri. After all, some of the state's rehab centers do a fine job. The issue is that there is either a lack of services or a majority of the rehabilitation centers in Missouri aren't getting to the people.

If the number of drug-related deaths is on the rise, clearly, there are issues with the levels of treatment local addiction sufferers are getting. Given what seems to be a limited number of quality rehabilitation centers in Missouri, doesn't it make sense that you should put some effort into finding other possible residential treatment?

Consider this. Even if the quality of care from rehabilitation centers in Missouri was exceptional, it's not always a good idea to seek treatment in the backyard of the house where your addiction started and grew. The fact you would be trying to get your life right while among your drug friends, enablers and dealers doesn't add up. There will always be the possibility that you would have to deal with temptation and outside interference when you should be focusing on recovery.

The best way to set aside these kinds of issues is to strongly consider getting help from a drug and alcohol treatment center in another state. While a number of the best rehab centers are located far away in states like California and Florida, it might surprise you to find out that a top-notch and innovative rehab center exists right in the heart of Texas.

Healing Springs Ranch - An Alternative to Rehabilitation Centers in Missouri

In the tiny town of Tioga, Texas, population 900, you will find our Healing Springs Ranch rehab facility. Contrary to most of the rehabilitation centers in Missouri, Healing Springs Ranch is located a good distance away from the noise and congestion of the big city. The residential treatment units are located in the middle of a beautiful quarter-horse ranch, surrounded by a lake and a 9-hole, par 3 golf course.

Logistically, our property is located just outside the greater Dallas area in close proximity to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. As a resident of Missouri, it takes nothing more than a scenic drive or a quick flight into the airport before you will be sitting in the parking lot of a truly unique treatment center. You'll know immediately this isn't one of the rehabilitation centers in Missouri.

Our 28-bed facility is operated under the care of licensed addiction experts – counselors and clinicians who are looking to revolutionize the addiction treatment industry.

For visitors from other states, this is the perfect location. Through our efforts to make this facility look and feel like your home away from home, we have designed the facility with plenty of amenities to keep you active and distracted from the triggers and temptations of the old neighborhood.

Our Proprietary Integrated Addiction Model Program

Through our years of experience, we have learned that most addiction treatment programs fail because they neglect to treat the "whole" individual. In order to properly address all aspects of a client's life, we have developed our own Integrated Addiction Model for treatment.

Unlike many of the programs being offered throughout the rehabilitation centers in Missouri, the IAM program utilizes the 12 steps of recovery, a trauma model, and functional medicine practices to form the basis of treatment with one major objective in mind. We want to get to the heart of the issue. We firmly believe that addictions tie directly to some form of trauma in a client's life.

If we can identify the issue or issues, we have the ability to target a custom treatment program. That way we teach the client how to deal with that issue or issues in the future. With this approach in mind, we recognize that all of our clients are unique individuals. We customize unique solutions. The only way to treat this uniqueness is through the development of our custom treatment programs.

We cannot emphasize enough the premium we put on answering the "why" question relating to clients' substance abuse. This alone is the main thing that separates us from most of the rehabilitation centers in Missouri.

The Treatment Process

The treatment actually begins during the admission interview process. We invest a great deal of time trying to get at the core of a client's addiction. When detox is necessary, we immediately facilitate admission into a local detox center. After detox, we begin implementing the client's custom treatment program.

In order to address the needs of the whole person, we reserve the mornings for intensive therapy and counseling sessions. After spending the mornings on the mind, the afternoons are reserved to treat the client's body and soul.

Healing Springs Ranch provides unique treatment amenities and activities. We encourage everyone to participate in a number of activities specifically designed to offer some form of healing. This is an important process because avoiding relapses is going to require the client to make significant lifestyle changes. We will introduce nutrition, exercise, and holistic activities into our clients' lives. We want them to have an opportunity to learn how to better care for themselves. Here's a list of activities and amenities currently in the offering:

  • Exercise programs
  • Music therapy and Yoga
  • Golfing on our par 3 course
  • Swimming and volleyball
  • Bocce ball
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking

If you can set aside your fear and helplessness, you will find that plenty of help is available. At our Healing Springs Ranch rehab, we stand ready to take you through a custom treatment plan on the way to a complete recovery, up through relapse prevention, from your addiction. We can help even if you cannot help yourself yet. You want a chance to earn back the life you are losing to addiction. Pick up the phone and call us at 866-656-8384.