It’s a tragedy that anyone becomes the victim of alcohol or drug addiction. As an addiction sufferer living in the middle-American state of Kansas, you have no doubt encountered other people such as yourself who are dealing with a substantial addiction to substances. While access to rehabilitation centers in Kansas is a certainty, it’s not always easy to find the way there. It requires the fortitude and desire to get right with life before you or anyone else is going to reach out for help.

Addiction on the Plains of Kansas

Two people discussing rehabilitation centers in Kansas.To better understand why someone would need access to rehabilitation centers in Kansas, one needs to understand the depth of the addiction problems in the state. While it’s true that Kansas has a relatively low mortality rate from a drug overdose, the state still has significant addiction issues.

According to the same report, prescription drug abuse is quickly becoming a significant problem within the state’s boundaries. These are the kinds of issues that lead to the need for more rehabilitation centers in Kansas. The report clearly states Kansas received a score of 4 out of 10 for its effectiveness at dealing with abuse issues. That raises a lot of questions that need answers.

Considering Rehabilitation Centers in Kansas?

As an individual living in Kansas with an addiction, do you really feel comfortable putting your recovery and life in the hands of rehabilitation centers in Kansas? If the Centers for Disease Control rate the state a four, you have to give pause before contacting any Kansas treatment centers.

It’s not fair to suggest all rehabilitation centers in Kansas are inadequate. However, you owe it to yourself to get the best help possible. There are places outside the state where quality addiction treatment services are being rendered.

Also, there are other issues that warrant consideration. For instance, it’s not always a good idea to get treatment in the same backyard where you have access to harmful substances. The further away from the people, places, and things that make abusing substances easy, the better off you will be. Addiction treatment demands commitment and dedication. You don’t need distractions from outside influences.

A Viable Alternative

An addiction will eventually take everything you own, perhaps even your life. When the time comes, you have to be serious about your treatment. There are no laws that say you have to get treatment in the state where you live. That makes our Healing Springs Ranch facility in Tioga, Texas a viable alternative. With our unique treatment programs and accessibility to Kansas, we are confident we can set you firmly on the road to recovery.

Our facility is centrally located near both Dallas and Fort Worth, in close proximity to the airport. It’s close enough to most parts of Kansas to make the travel aspect insignificant. For a quality treatment program, the location should be one of your least important concerns. You shouldn’t let anything stand in your way of getting the treatment you need and deserve.

Our facility is run by highly professional counselors and clinicians who care about helping you. We understand the need to treat the whole client and not just the addiction. It’s a mistake to not help you rebuild what’s broken inside before we send you back to your neighborhood with the expectation everything is fine. It’s fine when you are able to successfully negotiate life on life’s terms without the need to abuse drugs or alcohol. Good luck finding rehabilitation centers in Kansas that care that much.

The Approach

Unlike many rehabilitation centers in Kansas, we do not believe one size of treatment fits all clients. Like the rest of our client base, you are a unique individual who lives in a unique world with unique problems. We are not restricted to providing a single treatment option, hoping it does the trick. Instead, we work with you to find the treatment option that best meets your needs.

Our core belief is every addiction has its basis in some type of trauma or emotional pain. Why else would someone want to medicate themselves to the danger point of addiction? By the way, should you need to go through detox, and most addictions require it, we will gladly introduce you to a reputable detox facility that provides excellent care. When detox is complete, the real work begins.

Exhaustive Intake to Get to Know YOU

The first task at hand is to put you through an intensive interview process to get at the core of your issues. We want to know what trauma may be causing you pain. This approach is not common among many of the rehabilitation centers in Kansas. The work we do will be facilitated through our own Integrated Addiction Model (IAM) treatment program. The program focuses on the person, not just the addiction.

In many cases, we find it necessary to provide dual diagnosis treatment. If you have psychological or emotional issues that will interfere with treatment if not uncovered, we would be wasting your time and ours not to address them. We want everything put on the table so we can go to work on the solutions.

Your treatment program at our 28-bed facility will require a residential treatment option of at least 30 days. There are long-term options for 90 days or more if necessitated by the length of time you used and the depth of your addiction. We will incorporate the 12 step program, a trauma model and functional medicine practices as we delve into your psyche and start rebuilding a foundation for life without drugs or alcohol.

With both classical therapy sessions and some holistic treatment methods, we will customize our treatment model aimed at your problems and behaviors. We’ll break down the issues and start helping you develop the life skills and coping skills you’ll need to stay clean after treatment. During this intense process, we hope our environment will make you feel at home. This is what separates us from most rehabilitation centers in Kansas.

About Our Facility

Healing Springs Ranch is not your run-of-the-mill rehabilitation center. We aren’t interested in being like most rehabilitation centers in Kansas or any other state. Our facility is designed to emulate life on the outside as opposed to being some sterile hospital environment. That creates the perfect arena for addressing all your needs.

The facility sits in the center of a quarter horse ranch with a beautiful lake complementing the property. This provides a relaxed atmosphere that will help you feel comfortable enough to open up and do the work necessary to arrest your addiction. It’s your life we are fighting for and we need everything you can summon into battle.

Each day begins with intensive psychotherapy sessions designed to facilitate self-discovery. After baring your soul and confronting your demons, we like to allocate the afternoons for activities. While we do not consider Healing Springs Ranch to be a luxury treatment facility, we do enjoy offering amenities you might find pleasurable. Expand your mind and your body and move a little bit out of your box.

Amenities you will have access to during your stay as one of our special clients:

  • A 9-hole, par 3 golf course
  • Aquatic golf driving range
  • Lake view residential units and access to fishing and kayaking
  • Bocce ball court
  • Outdoor swimming pool and sand volleyball court
  • Holistic healing center for meditation, music and art therapy and yoga

Home Away From Home

You won’t find access to many of these things at your typical rehabilitation centers in Kansas. Again, all of this is designed to help make you feel right at home.

There’s one more thing we want you to know. Unlike some rehabilitation centers in Kansas, we have no intention of just booting you out onto the streets when treatment has concluded. We will provide follow-up sessions and aftercare access whenever you feel a relapse coming. Or you may have a desire to do a little maintenance work on your body, mind, and soul. You can always come home to Healing Springs Ranch.

Your addiction is a threat to your future and general welfare and that of your family. When you have finally reached the point where you are sick and tired of being caught in the cycle of addiction, the help you need is just a phone call away. We encourage you to call us right away at 866-656-8384. At Healing Springs Ranch, we are in the business of healing the bodies and souls of clients who need a way back to life. Don’t waste your life in another day of addictions. We are ready to help.