For most people, life in Arkansas is quiet and serene. If you find yourself caught in the cycle of addiction, your life in Arkansas is probably anything but quiet and serene. Instead, you are probably dealing with daily turmoil, looking for a way to restore your life to normal. While professional addiction treatment from a reputable treatment center would be highly preferred, we caution you about only considering the recovery centers of Arkansas.

Dealing With Addiction and Seeking Help

This group are not in recovery centers of Arkansas.If you believe you can manage your addiction instead of quitting your abuse of substances, you should be aware that long-term substance abuse can create permanent health issues. These health issues could eventually lead to death. If you want to stop the madness, but are frightened to lose your crutch, fear not. By simply admitting you have an illness and reaching out your hand for help, help can be delivered.

Initially, your first instinct will most likely be to consider the recovery centers of Arkansas. While this approach would be understandable, you might want to consider that the recovery centers of Arkansas may not be the best alternative. Getting treatment for a life-threatening addiction is serious business. You owe it to yourself to find the best care possible.

If you only get one chance to arrest your disease, you want to do everything in your power to find the best possible resources. Ask yourself this question: "Is your life worth saving and where is the best place for recovery?" Only you can answer that question from within.

Reasons for Choosing Alternatives to the Recovery Centers of Arkansas

The recovery centers of Arkansas can certainly offer you the convenience of staying close to home. But is that really a good idea? There are more than a few addiction experts who would be quick to point out the perils of getting treatment so close to home.

Over the months or years of your addiction, you have probably built up a significant circle of friends who are also involved in drugs. The friends and relatives who know you use, but don't participate themselves, have probably become enablers. Where does your primary drug dealer live? How effective will treatment be among all this temptation?

There are other reasons to consider alternatives to the typical recovery centers of Arkansas. In an environment where things are kept simple, it's quite possible that most recovery centers of Arkansas offer a limited number of treatment options. Depending on the type and longevity of your addiction, you might need a more varied and flexible treatment facility.

There's also the issue of availability. In smaller population states like Arkansas, there is usually a limited number of resources. There may not be that many quality recovery centers of Arkansas from which to choose. That could be a problem because when the time comes, you might need immediate access to the best treatment possible.

Consider this. In 2013, the Centers of Disease Control reported that Arkansas ranked 25th in the nation for drug-related deaths at 9.4 deaths per every 100,000 residents. That number is low enough to give off the perception that drug issues in the state are under control. The perception of less demand often leads to less supply. The simple truth is you owe it to yourself to go where the best treatment is attainable and readily available.

The Alternative to the Recovery Centers of Arkansas

We are not bashing the recovery centers of Arkansas. We are simply saying there could be better alternatives, taking everything into consideration. You could always choose to seek out help from quality treatment centers in places like California or the "rehab capital of the world," Florida. However, those alternatives are sure to test the depth of your checkbook and the bounds of inconvenience.

Instead, how would you feel about a quality, highly successful treatment facility in the small town of Tioga, Texas? If you are wondering where Tioga, Texas might be, it's situated in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in reasonable proximity to the airport. That makes the facility only a short trip away for Arkansas residents. The good news is our Healing Springs Ranch addiction treatment facility is happy to welcome residents from other states.

About the Healing Springs Ranch Facility

While many of the top recovery centers of Arkansas are located closer to large cities, our Healing Springs Ranch (HSR) facility is located in a remote location, away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. This 28-bed residential treatment center rests on 80 acres of Texas horse country with only 900 residents in the immediate surrounding area.

The main lodge and client residences surround a beautiful private lake and offer fantastic views of both the lake and a 9 hole, par 3 golf course. Weather conditions range from hot in the summer to mild during the rest of the year. Our services are affordable and we offer an excellent range of treatment options and amenities.

HSR - The Treatment Approach

At HSR, we offer much more than addiction counseling. Unlike most of the recovery centers of Arkansas, we offer a range of individualized treatment programs that address the needs of the whole person. Since addiction interferes with so many aspects of a client's life, we believe a full recovery is only possible if we offer solutions that take everything into consideration.

At the core of every addiction, we have found there is the presence of some type of trauma or psychological issue. Why else would someone become self-destructive enough to harm themselves by abusing substances? We want to know why our clients believe drugs and/or alcohol will solve their problems.

Once we know why we can apply for our "Integrated Addiction Model (IAM)" treatment program. This program focuses on the client's mind, body, and soul. Through intensive therapy and counseling, we seek solutions to the issues that are causing the client so many problems.

The key to our IAM treatment program is an absolute focus on providing a specialized, individualized, custom treatment program for each and every client. This approach makes absolute sense, given the fact every client is a unique individual with a unique set of circumstances. Many recovery centers of Arkansas fail because the standard treatment programs don't deal with the person, only the disease.

The Process at Healing Springs Ranch

Upon admission, clients are put through an exhaustive interview process. The goal is to search for a way to determine the need for detox and start the development of the client's custom treatment program. If detox is necessary, we provide a referral to a reputable detox center in the local area.

When it comes time for addiction counseling and treatment, clients are placed in a residential treatment program for at least 30 days, though 90 days is recommended for the best results. It's during the first half of the day that intensive addiction counseling is used to break down the issues and start building the life skills necessary to maintain abstinence throughout the years.

After the morning addiction counseling sessions, our clients are given the opportunity to avail themselves of our impressive list of activities and amenities. Unlike many of the recovery centers of Arkansas, we believe strongly that better health, the development of other interests, and a focus on the spiritual center of the client are vital aspects of treatment.

Living a life in recovery is all about making lifestyles changes. In order to be successful, we motivate our clients to pay attention to their diets, get plenty of exercise, develop outside interests, and take advantage of holistic activities that serve to bring serenity to the spirit. We customize all aspects of our treatment model for each client based on personal needs and desires.

The Amenities

You won't find the amenities we offer in the standard recovery centers of Arkansas. Here is a partial list of the activities and amenities our clients can use to build confidence and create new interests.

  • Lake fishing and kayaking
  • Bocce Ball court
  • Full-service exercise facility
  • Holistic treatment options like music and art therapy and Yoga
  • Swimming and volleyball
  • Aquatic driving range
  • 9-hole, par 3 golf course

At Healing Springs Ranch, our counselors and clinicians are passionate about serving our clients and helping them build a lasting recovery from addictions. Anything less and we have failed to serve our primary purpose. If you are finally ready to reach out for the help you need, we are only one phone call away. By dialing 866-656-8384, you can take the first step on your road to recovery. Every step of the way, we will be your guide. At the end of your stay with us, you will go out and live the life you were always intended to live.