Everyday life in the heart of America can be a challenge. In a state like Nebraska, Americans work hard to provide for their families. Among their struggles, it’s easy to get caught up in issues like substance abuse. Is confronting drug or alcohol abuse issues a part of your life? Do you have a Nebraska drug rehab you can count on with complete confidence?

The Drug Culture in Nebraska

Recover from addiction at Healing Springs, not a Nebraska drug rehab.On the surface, drug-related issues in Nebraska appear to be under control based on information provided in 2013 by the Centers for Disease Control. According to the report, the state of Nebraska had the third lowest rate of drug-related deaths in the nation at only 6.7 per 100,000 people. However, a closer look at the report reveals the state only got of a score of 3 out of 10 for prevention of prescription drug abuse. That number suggests there are problems under the surface.

In all likelihood, the state lacks a sufficient number of Nebraska drug rehab centers. This might not matter to most of the state’s residents, but if you have a substance addiction, the lack of availability of a reputable Nebraska drug rehab should mean something to you.

The Need for Drug Rehab

For the moment, let’s set aside the fact you may or may not be able to find a viable Nebraska drug rehab solution. When the time finally comes where you are willing to admit you are helpless over drugs and/or alcohol, you are going to need help. People throughout the country have tried a number of solutions, but treatment from a professional drug treatment facility is the only option with a consistent track record of success.

The bottom line is you are not going to be able to quit on your own. The issues related to withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous. The struggles to stay clean have been well documented. You are going to need therapy and a chance to build support systems in order to quit using and stay clean over the long haul. Can you really get that from a Nebraska drug rehab?

Reputable and reliable drug treatment centers are run by trained professionals who know what it takes to identify the causes of addiction. They also know how to provide clients with the tools necessary to avoid triggers and prevent relapses. These are the things you are going to desperately need when you finally decide to submit yourself to treatment.

Reasons Why a Nebraska Drug Rehab May Not Be Preferred

We have already discussed the availability of a reliable Nebraska drug rehab as a possible issue. Setting that aside, there’s another reason why you might want to leave Nebraska for treatment.

Over the duration of your addiction, you have most likely formed relationships built around that addiction. Fellow users, drug dealers and enablers are all part of that package. Can you understand how difficult it might be to get the help you need in the backyard of the city where your addiction has been allowed to run free? Surely, you can find a better place to get help.

Of course, a Nebraska drug rehab is going to be more convenient. The question is, “does convenience offer you the best treatment alternative?” Surely, your life and well-being have more value than to let that be the sole criteria you use for selecting the drug treatment center that you want to help you save your life. There may well be other solutions worth considering.

A Texas Alternative to a Nebraska Drug Rehab

There are plenty of top drug treatment centers located throughout the states. However, most of them are far enough away to create logistical issues. Still, others may be too expensive or lack the flexibility of offering a variety of treatment alternatives. Maybe you should consider a Texas alternative to a Nebraska drug rehab.

In the small Texas town of Tioga, population 900, sits our Healing Springs Ranch rehab center. We are located about 600 miles from Lincoln, Nebraska, 60 miles north of Dallas and less than 50 minutes away from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. For most Nebraska residents, that’s a mere flight of just over 60 minutes away, and it’s affordable.

The Healing Springs Ranch facility occupies 50 acres of prime Texas land that includes residential treatment housing, a beautiful lake, a working quarter-horse ranch and a number of really cool amenities. It isn’t paradise, but the location and facility create the ideal place for treatment away from the hustle and bustle of a big city.

As far as treatment options are concerned, our Healing Springs Ranch takes a unique approach to addiction treatment. We believe there are traumatic problems at the heart of every client’s addiction. Our goal is to identify the cause and develop a highly customized treatment program that addresses the trauma and gives the client the basis for a permanent solution. It will be difficult to find a Nebraska drug rehab that takes that kind of individualistic approach to treatment.

Our Integrated Addiction Model

Through experience, our clinicians and counselors have come to realize they can’t focus only on the client’s addiction. They provide treatment that covers all aspects of the client’s life in order to help that client become whole again. We do this through our proprietary Integrated Addiction Model (IAM) treatment program.

At the core of the program, we look at three components of the client’s life: their physical, chemical, and emotional well-being. We do this through a process that incorporates the 12 step principles, a trauma model and functional medicine practices.

The first step in the process involves a lengthy interview designed to better understand the basis for the client’s addiction. We are willing to dig deep because we so strongly believe we are going to find some traumatic issue. We believe this buried trauma creates the desire to hide oneself within an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. If during the interview process we determine detox is necessary, we can provide direct access to a reputable third-party detox facility that does excellent work.

After the interview and detox when necessary, we develop a customized treatment program that targets each client’s specific needs. We don’t see our client’s as numbers; we see them as individuals with unique problems that call for unique solutions. Each moment of therapy and counseling is designed to break down the core issue and develop the means to combat that issue.

Treating the Whole Person

Unlike most Nebraska drug rehab facilities, we believe in treating the mind, body and spirit. As part of our men’s and women’s addiction rehab program, we provide a number of amenities to keep our clients busy, working to improve their lives in many ways. Here’s a partial list of these amenities:

  • 9-hole, par 3 golf course
  • Lake fishing and kayaking
  • Exercise and Yoga programs
  • Equine therapy
  • Outdoor swimming and volleyball
  • Aquatic driving range
  • Nutrition education and training

As you can see, clients have plenty of opportunities to develop new hobbies and address new ways of living. The spirit gets damaged by the cycle of addiction. Some of our holistic treatment options such as Yoga and music therapy can be used to heal that spirit. This is where our attention to detail matters. This is the treatment model you won’t find at most Nebraska drug rehab centers.

Healing Springs Ranch Residential Treatment

When our 30-day to 90-day residential treatment program has concluded, we get the satisfaction of watching our clients leave with a new lease on life. If we have done our job properly, we don’t expect to see our clients back in need of help again. To enhance that possibility, we also provide an aftercare and/or follow-up program. This allows our clients to integrate back to a normal way of living at their own pace.

We encourage the inclusion of the 12-Steps of recovery as part of a client’s program while at the facility and upon heading home. As far as home is concerned, our staff works hard to create a “home away from home” for each of our guests.

If you have been struggling with addiction, you need to know there is hope. You may not find it with a Nebraska drug rehab facility. We can assure you Healing Springs Ranch will do everything in our power to deliver you onto the road to recovery. If you call us at 866-656-8384, we can begin the process of healing your body, mind and soul. The first step is yours; from that point on, we will be there every step of the way. We want to help you get back to a normal way of living without drugs.