Drug addiction is often a complicated affliction that systematically destroys an individual’s life if left untreated. If you are reading this link, there’s a good chance you or a loved one are dealing with a serious addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. For people living in parts of the southwest, particularly Houston, who want to fight back against addiction, there’s a number of regional alternatives from which to choose. That includes a number of Houston recovery centers.

Criteria for Selecting an Addiction Treatment Center

Houston recovery centers may not have group therapy.Before settling on a particular treatment facility, you owe it to yourself to do enough research in order to make sure it’s the best personal alternative. Even if you live right in the Houston, Texas area, typical Houston recovery centers may not be able to give you what you need.

In order to locate the best option, you need to consider certain criteria. Does the facility provide a variety of treatment options? Are there benefits of leaving the home area for treatment? Does the treatment facility provide affordable alternatives? Is the facility accredited and are the counselors and clinicians properly licensed? Does the facility provide dual diagnosis treatment for possible psychological issues? These are some of the questions you should be asking before you commit to treatment.

Houston Recovery Centers for Local Residents

If you live in the greater Houston area, it makes sense that you would prefer the convenience of looking at Houston recovery centers as the best alternative. Beyond convenience, there’s a number of reasons why you might want to forego any of those Houston recovery centers in favor of one in another part of Texas.

If your addiction played out in Houston, why would you want to stay among the people, places and things that made it all possible? This is a very important question for you to consider. There are a significant number of addiction recovery experts who stand by the notion that addiction treatment is best when focused away from home. Since treatment demands commitment and complete focus, traveling to other regions might be a preferred option.

Other issues that need to be considered relating to Houston recovery centers would be the quality of care and the availability of residential treatment space. Surely, there are some quality treatment centers located in the city’s confines. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance availability is impacted due to local drug-related crime issues.

Based on crime data provided by City-data-com Houston’s crime rates for crimes of murder, robbery and theft are more than double the national average. Experience has shown that where crime rates are high, substance abuse is usually prevalent. High levels of substance abuse lead to treatment centers being impacted.

For the above reasons and more, it might be a good idea for you to look beyond Houston and consider treatment options in other parts of the region.

Alternatives to Houston Recovery Centers

Depending on your willingness to relocate and what you can afford, it makes sense for you to consider options in other major cities and/or states. You can certainly find quality treatment centers in Florida and California, but the cost of traveling that far away could be prohibitive. Instead, you might be interested to know we have a very successful drug and alcohol rehab center in the tiny city of Tioga, Texas.

The city of Tioga has a population of only 900 residents. It is conveniently located about 300 miles from Houston, 60 miles north of Dallas, 30 miles from the Oklahoma border and 50 minutes Northeast of D/FW International Airport. The facilities are located on private property that rests on 50 acres of land that includes a horse ranch, a beautiful lake, and several nice amenities. It doesn’t take long to recognize this place isn’t like any of the Houston recovery centers currently in business.

About Healing Springs Ranch

The name of our facility is Healing Springs Ranch. Our recently remodeled facilities include 28 beds and growing, a full staff of highly trained counselors and clinicians, and an absolute focus on treating the whole client. We have numerous individualized treatment options. The amenities available are also numerous and available to clients as part of treatment. We offer:

  • Fishing
  • 9-Hole, par three golf course
  • Exercise facilities and Yoga
  • Bocce Ball
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Volleyball court
  • Kayaking

Treatment at Healing Springs Ranch

A quick review of many of the Houston recovery centers indicates a lot of them provide traditional treatment options. For a basic, moderate addiction, that might suffice, but hardly addresses all aspects of life. It was also determined that many of the top Houston recovery centers fail to address dual diagnosis treatment issues.

At Healing Springs Ranch, we provide a stark contrast to many of the Houston recovery centers. We focus on healing the whole client. At the core of our treatment program is a desire to get at the exact cause of the addiction. This will allow us to customize treatment modalities that address the right issues and provide our clients with the life skills they will need to remain clean for the duration of their lives.

Our admission process includes a thorough interview to help us start focusing on possible causes of the client’s addiction. If our staff members determine a detox process is necessary, we provide access to a reputable local detox center in the area. After a successful detox, our clients usually enter our residential treatment facility. This treatment is offered for as few as 30 days. However, many clients prefer our highly recommended 90-day program. We offer extended treatment options as well.

The Approach

What really sets us apart from typical Houston recovery centers revolves around our unique “Integrated Addiction Model (IAM)” treatment program. This IAM approach allows us to treat all aspects of a client’s life. We focus on their physical, chemical and emotional well-being.

After addiction counseling sessions that are intended to help us identify causation, we completely customize a treatment program that targets the client’s specific issues. If the issues include psychological problems, we combine dual diagnosis treatment into our IAM program.

The key to implementing IAM is finding out the “why” as it relates to the client’s reasons for substance abuse. It can be a difficult process getting to the answer. A large number of clients don’t understand what motivates them towards self-destruction. Unlike many of the Houston recovery centers, we won’t rest until we find the answer. It’s there if we can dig deep enough.

It’s also that answer that sets us free to start the proper treatment program. By identifying the underlying trauma in a client’s life, we have a target to go after. The objective is reestablishing mental health while also directing our energies towards body health with nutrition and exercise. As the last part of the puzzle, we like to introduce a 12-step program to stay relapse-free.

Holistic Treatment

Beyond the customized treatment programs introduced above, we also offer a bit of holistic treatment to help heal the spirit. Often the spirit and soul get damaged or lost after years of drug or alcohol abuse. They are in there, but they are hiding from the disease that seeks to destroy them.

While half of the day is spent on treatment and therapy, the other half of the day is devoted to experiential activities. These activities focus on creating an environment we hope our clients will consider their home away from home. Music, Yoga, fishing, and exercise help clients reconnect to their inner-selves. By developing a desire for extra activities, we hope our clients will understand the need to live a full life, minus the drugs and/or alcohol.

As you consider the sum of all we can offer, your challenge will be to find any of the Houston recovery centers that offer that level of care. We take you from detox access to dual diagnosis treatment for mental health disorders. All the way through to aftercare programs, we want to leave no stone unturned. A relapse will be more our failure than it will be yours. Our relapse prevention education offers protection against failure.

Contemplate the damage addiction is doing to your life. You now know how much Healing Springs Ranch cares about offering the best treatment for you. The disease of addiction is insidious and the time for healing has to be now. We encourage you to give us a call at 866-656-8384. With one of our customized treatment models, you have more than a fighting chance to get your life back on track.