There are between 50 and 250 Fort Worth drug rehab centers. But when you look more closely, you notice that some of them focus exclusively on methadone. Others strictly offer outpatient services. Still others are part of a clinical setting that is sterile, unattractive, uninspiring and follows a template protocol.

Does Staying Close to Where You Live Make Sense?

Group meetings conducted at Fort Worth drug rehab centers

Typically, you’d like to stay close to home when seeking treatment at Fort Worth drug rehab centers. However, if you’ve been through the process once or twice already, are you still sure that staying local works out for you? In fact, there may be some warning signs that suggest you might better your odds of achieving and maintaining sobriety elsewhere. When should you start looking outside of local Fort Worth drug rehab centers?

  • You continue to use drugs after detox. You gathered your courage and entered detox. The process succeeded in breaking the physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. But because there was no immediate follow-up, which an excellent rehab facility sets up, you relapsed. You may have repeated this process multiple times with the same results.
  • You couldn’t focus on getting well. Fort Worth has the distinction of being the fifth largest Texas city. However, when you’re battling addictions, you don’t want the hustle and bustle of busyness. You need peace and quiet. Someone struggling with an addiction would need a place to reflect on thoughts, feelings, and the things talked about in therapy.
  • You realize the Fort Worth drug rehab centers missed something important. You might not be able to put your finger on it, but it feels as though the treatment didn’t take. Maybe the treatment program’s focus was entirely on your addiction problem. Then again, it might have focused primarily on physical wellness but didn’t help you develop coping skills. In short, the process lacked balance that would have helped you put what you learn into practice.
  • You never received relapse prevention assistance. You frequently see this problem crop up with outpatient-only treatment centers. People come and go, and there is no real bonding opportunity with peer groups. Because these are the people who’ll become instrumental during the recovery and relapse prevention phase, you didn’t get help. The fact that the outcome is easy to predict adds insult to injury.

Find an Alternative to Fort Worth Addiction Treatment Centers in Tioga

With about 900 residents, Tioga is the epicenter of tranquil living, peace, and quiet. A short 63-mile drive on I-35 W brings you here from Fort Worth. You find the Healing Springs Ranch, which is the local rehab facility, at 100 South Texas Street. When you approach the gate – it’s right next to a big pine tree, you can’t miss it – you notice that this is horse country.

Enter the facility, and the huge pool is sure to catch your eye. Beautifully manicured outdoor seating areas invite you to spend some time alone, reflecting. The interior of the living areas is spacious, features hardwood floors, and attractive furnishings. Yes, those are kayaks by the lake. Take the facility tour to see what we’re talking about.

Fort Worth drug rehab centers treatment facility may not offer those undergoing short or long-term residential treatments the opportunity to discover – or rediscover – outdoor activities. Healing Springs Ranch does. Programs include equine therapy and Yoga. There are fishing opportunities, an aquatic driving range, and a nine-hole, par three golf course. You can also enjoy access to a workout facility, sand volleyball court, and bocce ball setup.

As opposed to mid-city Fort Worth addiction treatment centers, the Healing Springs Ranch offers a setting conducive to de-stressing. Against this backdrop, you can take advantage of customized therapy programs that approach recovery from a variety of angles.

  • Whole-person focus. Rather than honing in only on your addiction or physical wellness, the therapists embrace the whole person approach. There is more to you than a substance abuse problem. Successful recovery requires a balanced approach to getting well. It combines spiritual, physical, and emotional wellness.
  • Customized treatment protocol. Dual diagnosis testing reveals if you’re suffering from an undiagnosed mental illness. It’s hard to say if substance abuse brought on the condition or if the disorder predisposed you to drug use. Even so, both conditions require treatment with a customized multi-disciplinary approach. Focusing on only one condition is counter-productive.
  • Lifestyle changes. Because you’ll start wanting to experience more once you’re feeling better, there’s a strong focus on lifestyle changes, too. They include physical imbalance treatments with herbal supplements, nutrition changes, and physical fitness. Unless you check yourself into the celebrity, high-cost Fort Worth addiction treatment centers, you probably won’t find this benefit there.

Fort Worth Drug Rehab Centers – Trauma-informed or Trauma Treatment?

Healing Springs Ranch is at the forefront of trauma treatment as an integral aspect of recovery from alcohol or drug abuse. Although some Fort Worth addiction treatment centers or other drug rehab in TX have tried to jump on the bandwagon, they frequently look to a trauma-informed therapy approach. Because there is no hard and fast definition of the term, each center interprets it as the staff sees fit. If you’ve been through rehab there multiple times, you know the likely outcome.

A real trauma treatment approach is different.

  • Understanding the presence of unresolved trauma. Childhood trauma, relationship problems, deaths, and personal losses are just some of the stresses you might have suffered. You may even pride yourself on getting over things quickly. Nevertheless, in reality, you’ve not dealt with the pain the situations caused. At some point, stuffing the traumatic experiences inside exceeds your coping skills.
  • Compromised coping skills open the door to addiction and mental illness. The term “mental illness” has a stigma attached that few other medical conditions share. But it’s nothing to be ashamed of. When unresolved trauma overwhelms your ability to deal with life, you may experience medical symptoms or psychiatric problems. The need to remain in control of your life and – at least temporarily – quiet the unwelcome thoughts opens the door to self-medicating behaviors.
  • Self-medicating frequently results in drug dependence and addiction. You might have started with alcohol or maybe went straight for hard drugs. Over time, your dosage requirements increase. Next, your focus shifts away from making it through the day to getting the next fix. Your life is now spiraling out of control and damages relationships, careers, and financial security.

By dealing with the trauma that may very well be at the root of your drug abuse problem, tackling the addiction gets easier. It also helps with future relapse prevention. You get to know yourself better and understand what represents a severe stressor in your life. For this reason, you no longer live in fear of giving in to temptations.

This self-confidence translates in a higher likelihood of remaining sober and maintaining your sobriety for years to come. You are now truly in control of your life rather than artificially controlling a numbing response that lasts for a few hours. If your stays at Fort Worth drug rehab centers have not enabled you to experience this form of peace, travel to Tioga might just be worth the trip.

Explore the Healing Springs Ranch Treatment Alternative

The integrated addiction model allows for the application of the 12 Step principles and the trauma treatment approach makes Healing Springs Ranch a better choice than Fort Worth drug rehab centers. It adds a holistic wellness component that benefits you now and in the future. If you feel that Fort Worth addiction treatment centers let you down, don’t give up! At least give your recovery one more chance.

Here, you have a chance to communicate what you cannot put into words simply by participating in art therapy. Equine therapy helps you to get back in touch with the values and abilities you used to have. You relearn life skills that your drug-centered lifestyle destroyed or repressed. In the process, you regain the self-confidence and self-esteem that drugs took away from you along the way.

Don’t allow addiction to rob you of another day. Now that you understand the makeup of a truly balanced treatment approach, isn’t it time to give it one more try? Call the Healing Springs Ranch therapists today to find out more. Dial 866-656-8384 and make this the day that you end your dependence on drugs!