How long have you tried to get help for your drug addiction? Have you watched a loved one struggle with substance abuse before, during, and after seeking treatment at drug rehab centers in NC? Are you feeling hopeless and frustrated that dependence on a substance seems to have a stranglehold on your life? Maybe it’s time to realize that it’s not your fault. Rather, the facilities that you’ve entrusted with your care have fallen short.

Can Drug Treatment Facilities Fail?

Group therapy at Healing Springs Ranch will work better than it did at drug rehab centers in NC.

It’s a well-known fact that a one-size-fits-all approach to detoxification and subsequent rehabilitation doesn’t yield good results. Not only does it frustrate the client whose needs remain unmet, but it also jeopardizes the goal of successful, . Unfortunately, there are drug rehab centers in NC that prefer to follow a charted course when administering modalities rather than individualizing components of care. In a situation where your needs fall outside this funnel, the facility that refuses to adapt its approach to changing requirements does indeed fail you.

Adopting a Back to Basics Approach

You’ll find that the Healing Springs Ranch residential treatment center takes an approach that is more in step with the goals set forth by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Identifying addiction as an illness with a need for a long-term cure approach, these experts warn that treatments must consist of a component mix that is unique to each client. Because the desirable outcome is clear – drug-free living, productivity, and personal growth – the approaches we take will put the goals first and then work backward.

For example, have any of the drug rehab centers in NC you have worked with taken the time to explain a trauma model-based approach to healing? In this setup, therapists look beyond the immediate and obvious first layers of addiction triggers to deal with the underlying issues that form these triggers in the first place. Unless you get to the actual cause of your addiction, relapse prevention becomes an uphill battle that is still possible but much more difficult than it really needs to be.

Unless Drug Rehab Centers in NC Offer Customization to Treatment, It’s Time to Look for Help Elsewhere

When you acknowledge that trauma may be at the center of your addiction problem, and if you believe that drug rehab centers in NC failed to pinpoint the reasons for your dependency on substances accurately, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get help. It just means that there’s a different type of rehab experience you need at this time.

  • Trauma focus. We’ve already touched on the importance of incorporating a trauma focus in your treatment. Consider that finding the cause of your addiction is much like removing the actual foreign object from your body that causes an infection. Sure, you could treat the symptoms, but if you leave the irritant behind, it continues to cause problems.
  • Co-occurring mental health treatments. Managing possible mental health issues at the same time as an addiction problem has proven to yield excellent results. We highly recommend this approach to anyone grappling with drug dependence.
  • Family treatment program. Do drug rehab centers in NC offer family treatment programs that not only help to rebuild familial structures but also address the trauma family members experienced? If not, they’re leaving out a crucial component of care.
  • Residential option. Because each client is different, we offer short-term and longer-term residential treatment. We accommodate your needs to ensure relapse protection.

Getting Information Today Maybe the Missing Stepping Stone in Your Journey to Recovery

Don’t allow anger and frustration about missed healing targets at drug rehab centers in NC cloud your goal of sobriety. These setbacks may have shaken your confidence, but we’re here to tell you that you’re not to blame. When you call 866-656-8384, you can find out how a complete customization of treatment modalities yields results, supports your goal of sobriety and puts you on the road to recovery with friendly experts at your side. Call today to make it happen!