A Nearby Alternative to Dallas Heroin Treatment CentersOne of the common misconceptions about trying to overcome an addiction is that you need to go to a treatment center right in your hometown. If you’re from Dallas and are addicted to heroin, a Dallas heroin treatment center may actually do you more harm than good. 

You need to realize that you have options to stay near home while getting enough space between yourself and your triggers. Believe it or not, many of the aspects of your environment back home have been keeping you in your addiction, so some time away from that setting can be the best thing that you can do for yourself.

Why is it So Hard to Leave Home Instead of Going to a Dallas Heroin Treatment Center?

The easiest or most convenient option isn’t always the best one. Many people want to stay near family and friends when they decide to get sober because it can be a very scary experience. However, getting sober is more than just quitting a substance. It involves grief because many people have developed such a close relationship to their drug of choice. Breaking that relationship is the most important thing to accomplish. And you may not be able to do that in Dallas.

You’ve been turning to heroin as the solution to your problems, so the grief of losing that may make you think that you need to go to a Dallas heroin treatment center so you can keep the support of your family nearby. Unfortunately, this may be what has been keeping you sick, so it's best to find an alternative to a Dallas heroin treatment program.

Environment and Enabling

Many people struggling with heroin addiction couldn’t do so without friends and family enabling them. This doesn’t mean your loved ones are deliberately doing something wrong, but many people simply don’t understand the disease of addiction. There’s also the opposite end of the spectrum where your family life is highly stressful, and the people in your life are causing you to turn to drugs as a way of coping.

No matter what the case is, this can be playing a huge role in your addiction, so it’s best to take some time away to focus on yourself and recovery. Staying at a Dallas heroin treatment center may even leave you in a situation where you’re constantly worrying about finances and other responsibilities because they’re so close by, which is another reason why a temporary relocation is an excellent option.

A Nearby Alternative to Dallas Heroin Treatment Centers

Healing Springs Ranch is conveniently located about an hour north of Dallas, so you can get the help you need while also getting some distance between the stresses from back home. Tioga, Texas, is located right near the coast of Lake Ray Robert, so you’ll have a beautiful, tranquil setting while you begin your journey of recovery from active addiction. We have a full staff of trained, caring people who are passionate about seeing guests succeed in treatment and helping them learn the necessary skills needed to maintain their sobriety once they leave treatment.

We also understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all treatment program, so we have options for many different situations. Our different levels of care are perfect for anyone who is seeking treatment for his or her heroin addiction. For those with a severe addiction who need residential treatment, we provide a 30-day residential program. We also have a short-term residential program so you can get the help you need even if you’re restricted on how long you can stay in treatment due to work, school or insurance considerations. In our short-term program, the treatment is specifically designed to give you many of the same benefits that you would in the residential program.

We also provide an outpatient program for you to transition to once you complete the residential program. Outpatient is beneficial because you’ll still be getting the care that you need as you transition back into your regular life. Although you will be an hour away from your family, we highly encourage the family to be involved through our family treatment program.

Addiction is a family disease, so it’s important for your loved ones to understand the disease of addiction and what you’ve been going through. At the same time, we want to help teach you and your loved ones how to begin the healing process through communication and understanding of one another.

In our program, you’ll be offered a variety of different therapies that have been proven to help people begin their new life. Our location makes the facility perfect for experiential therapy, which includes, kayaking, and other outdoor recreational activities. You’ll see that you can get the feeling you’ve been searching for all along through fun, sober activities, and these are things you can do to enjoy your new sober life once you return home as well. Healing Springs Ranch also provides every guest with a strong discharge plan so you can continue to grow in your recovery once you leave.

Heroin addiction doesn’t have to run your life in Dallas any longer. Call Healing Springs Ranch today at 866.656.8384 for more information on our leading-edge therapies.