A Dallas county rehab may or may not offer group meetings.You’ve been searching for help at one or more Dallas County rehab facilities. It didn’t work out. Why not head to neighboring Grayson County and take a closer look at Healing Springs Ranch? There, you find a facility that champions the whole person approach and gets to the root of the issue.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Dallas County rehab centers pride themselves on their large sizes and the ability to serve the local population. It’s not unusual to find multiple buildings on their properties. But what happens when you need the personal touch? Can such large outfits offer you an individualized plan that follows a careful intake assessment?

The odds of getting lost in the shuffle and ending up with a standardized rehab experience are good. It might work for you. Then again, it might not. In stark contrast, our Grayson County center in Tioga, TX, creates a caring community that sees you as an individual.

This approach denies the application of a one-size-fits-all philosophy. You have your own story to tell. Your body, mind, and spirit have needs that are unique to you. It’s impossible to use a standardized treatment schedule that will do justice to what you need.

Disappointment with Dallas County Rehab?

You will find the facility in picturesque Tioga, which is in Grayson County. The setting is quaint, calming, and tranquil. Fifty acres provide you with the distance you need from triggers and stressors. A private lake is a gorgeous backdrop for a nine-hole golf course.

Because healthy activities are part of recovery, there’s always something to do. Kayaking, an aquatic driving range, fishing, and a workout facility provide you with exercise opportunities. Golf, a sand volleyball court, and yoga classes are for the landlubbers. You’ll be hard-pressed to find this type of setup at a Dallas County rehab facility.

The treatment programs and addictions treated rival those of the most exclusive Dallas County rehab clinics. Examples include:

  • Residential treatment that lasts between 30 and 90 days–some guests stay longer, depending on their needs
  • Trauma assessment and treatment for events from your past that affect the present and contribute to drug abuse
  • Dual diagnosis treatment benefits individuals with a mental health disorder they may not have known about
  • Life skills training helps you to go through life without using and not feel the need to reach for a chemical
  • A functional living wellness program includes nutritional counseling and related disciplines

Whole Person Wellness Focus

The wellness program assists you with herbal supplementation for maximum physical and mental wellness. To customize this approach according to your needs, we use saliva testing and blood studies for maximum results. The goal is to return your body to a healthy state, which allows you to sleep well and process nutrients. This treatment helps to cut down on the perception of stressors and triggers.

Among the most important modalities that therapists use are psychotherapies that help you get to the why of your addiction. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy provides an evidence-based treatment that lets you evaluate patterns. Thoughts, behaviors, and feelings may be negative and contribute to drug use. Dialectical behavior therapy assists with the acceptance of situations you cannot change for the better.

Reaching out for Help

A call to a Dallas County rehab may lead to a receptionist who takes your number. When you contact Healing Springs Ranch, you talk with a knowledgeable intake counselor. She or he can answer your questions and provide you with valuable information. They can provide you with the types of additions Healing Springs Ranch treats, including:

  • Chemical addictions involving street drugs
  • Prescription drug addiction
  • Alcohol abuse and use disorders
  • Addictions to other chemicals and combinations of multiple drugs
  • Process addictions such as sex and gambling

Because therapists routinely help people just like you, they understand how to customize their approaches. No two treatment protocols are alike. They can’t be since everyone experiences addiction differently and therefore needs a personalized path to recovery. Find out how you can recover at Healing Springs Ranch.

Call 866-656-8384 to see how simple it is to get help.