Was Your Health Insurance Denied at a Dallas Alcohol Rehab?

Even If A Dallas Alcohol Rehab Denied Insurance, You Can Get Help

When seeking treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, it can be daunting to find the right type of rehab facility to meet individual needs. Beyond the initial screening and time spent evaluating programs, denial of health insurance can be a major hindrance toward getting the appropriate help. Not only does insurance denial cause frustration in trying to enter Dallas alcohol rehab, but it may derail your efforts to achieve recovery, altogether.

If your health insurance has been denied at a Dallas alcohol rehab, do not give up on your potential for a sober, happy and fulfilling future. Healing Springs Ranch in nearby Tioga, Texas accepts most major insurance policies and can provide the treatment you need from a Dallas alcohol rehab, with additional benefits Dallas facilities cannot provide.

Dallas Alcohol Rehab Quality on Beautiful Quarter Horse Ranch Land

Most residents of Dallas, Ft. Worth and other cities across the Lone Star State appreciate their lifestyle in Texas of wide open spaces and enjoyment of the outdoors under big starry skies. If you are like other Texans, you likely appreciate these attributes of country lifestyle, despite living in or near Dallas.

When seeking treatment for alcohol dependence at a Dallas alcohol rehab, you are unable to enjoy the true healing nature of Texas outdoors while still remaining in the metroplex. In nearby Tioga, Texas, only an hour north of Dallas, you can escape to over 50 acres of pristine quarter horse ranch land on a private lake to overcome alcohol addiction. By taking advantage of this uniquely Texas rehabilitative environment, you can gain sobriety and truly start fresh in strong recovery.

Recovery in the Country, Even If Dallas Alcohol Rehab Denied Your Insurance

If a Dallas alcohol rehab denied your insurance, Healing Springs Ranch is still a quality possibility for starting your recovery. Healing Springs Ranch accepts most major insurance policies for 30 to 90 day programs provided in a secluded, private ranch land retreat setting featuring a main lodge and 28 residences nestled alongside a beautiful lake.

The country atmosphere, fresh air and space to explore around Healing Springs Ranch are close enough to Dallas that you can maintain work or school obligations if needed, while gaining the peaceful recovery you need for a more fulfilling future. Outdoor activities can help you return to good health and overall wellness, while the therapies provided at Healing Springs Ranch ensure your addiction is treated from beginning to end.

Amenities at Healing Springs Ranch include:

  • 9-hole par 3 golf course
  • Sand volleyball
  • Aquatic driving range
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness facility
  • Bocce ball
  • Yoga

Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, TX

Healing Springs Ranch provides residential treatment for adults desiring to recover from alcohol or drug abuse. Located on quarter horse ranch land in a town of only about 900 residents, Healing Springs Ranch is peaceful, relaxing and welcoming. The caring community provides the perfect setting for addressing the underlying issues of addiction and gaining whole-person wellness for a real chance at a more enriched, fulfilling life in sobriety.

Evidence-based therapies include treatment for co-occurring disorders as needed to ensure ultimate recovery is strong and lasting. Individualized treatment plans include therapies, activities and programs designed to encourage physical, chemical and emotional well-being through an Integrated Addiction Model approach.

Your insurance is likely accepted by Healing Springs Ranch. Call us now for more information about residential treatment programs and getting started on the road to a healthy, whole-person recovery in the peaceful surroundings of lakeside Texas ranch land only an hour from Dallas.