In order to treat drug and alcohol addictions, rehab is an integral part of the equation. However, choosing from the countless drug rehab center options can be overwhelming. If you’re a resident of the Atlanta area, an Atlanta rehab facility could be your closest option. However, seeking out alternatives could be the best choice you make for your lasting sobriety.

Leaving Home Takes Away Those All-Too-Familiar Temptations

Atlanta rehab program may not fit individuals' needs.

For those who struggle with addiction, temptation can be anywhere. However, it is certainly true that familiar temptations can be harder to resist. For instance, alcoholics are more likely to relapse after passing their favorite bar for the 100th time, but less likely to go out of their way to find a new bar and start drinking again.

For residents of Georgia, attending an Atlanta rehab program means having familiar temptations right on your doorstep. While you’re trying to focus on recovery, you could be just a short walk away from a friend who used drugs with you or a supplier whose phone number you’ve memorized. By heading to a new destination for rehab, you can leave familiar temptations behind and have an easier time resisting cravings.

Atlanta Rehab Might be a Safety Net You Don’t Need

Typically, a safety net is considered to be a good thing. In the fight for sobriety, it isn’t. If you attend rehab just a few miles from home, you’ll know that there is a friend or relative who can give you a place to stay. This makes it easier to walk away from the rehab program and not commit fully to recovery.

Those who leave home for rehab are far more likely to commit entirely to their addiction treatment program. This is because there is no nearby safety net. Failing can’t be an option, and complete and lasting sobriety has to be the ultimate goal.

Widen the Search Parameters for Better Rehab Options

Choosing the right rehab program may be one of the most important decisions individuals ever have to make. While it is possible to find an Atlanta rehab facility without spending much time searching for the right fit, settling for something subpar is definitely not recommended.

In order to explore more options and find the best rehab program, widen the search parameters. Even if you live in Atlanta, consider venturing out of the state to pursue recovery. The few extra hours you spend traveling to begin rehab will certainly be worth it once you’re enjoying your sobriety.

Rural Environments Can be Helpful During Recovery

For a number of reasons, rural environments can be preferable to urban environments when it comes to rehab. More space, more privacy, and less overall drug use are important factors to consider when planning for optimal recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

A rural rehab facility will, by default, make it harder to access drugs or alcohol. If there are just a few hundred residents in a small town, the odds of finding a drug of choice or a lively bar are slim. That is certainly true in Tioga, Texas, where just 900 people reside.

According to a White House report, drug use in Atlanta is high. In fact, the city of Atlanta is classified as a HIDTA, or high-intensity drug trafficking area. Leaving the city for rehab can reduce drug proximity and make it easier to resist cravings.

In a rural rehab environment, patients can also have space to enjoy privacy and anonymity. Furthermore, it will be possible to pursue a range of outdoor activities, many of which just aren’t possible in an urban Atlanta rehab program. Some of the options patients can enjoy while in rehab include:

  • Golfing
  • Fishing
  • Yoga
  • Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Weightlifting
  • Kayaking

Lots of physical outdoor activity is a great thing during rehab and recovery. Spending time outdoors increases Vitamin B absorption, which is proven to reduce the risk of depression and even suicide. Physical fitness also boosts the manufacture of endorphins, which is critical for those recovering from an addiction.

As an alternative to Atlanta rehab, consider addiction treatment in Tioga, Texas. At Healing Springs Ranch, you can begin the road to recovery and get the help you need to break free from addiction. Call us at 866-656-8384 to start the healing process and enjoy the healthy, sober life you deserve.