Amarillo drug treatment centers help addiction and depressionThe ultimate goal of attending a drug treatment center is to recover from addiction and gain the tools needed to live a happy, healthy and sober life without relapse. However, not all Amarillo drug treatment centers meet the comprehensive needs of patients.

When a rehab center comes up short, it’s more than just a matter of preference or compromise. Subpar treatment can mean relapse. Here are some of the most common reasons that some Amarillo drug treatment centers, and indeed any low-quality treatment centers from across the country, might not make the grade:

Some Amarillo Drug Treatment Centers May Not Provide Residential Programs

There’s a long list of different rehab treatment programs types that prospective patients can choose from. It’s possible to go straight to outpatient care, to get 24/7 support in residential programs or to stick with partial hospitalization programs. While all can be viable options, the best rates of success are attributed to residential programs.

A residential drug treatment center is one that offers inpatient care. Patients will stay on the premises, enjoy the security and support of a controlled environment, have a 24/7 support system and access various treatments and therapies on site. This increases the likelihood of maintaining sobriety throughout the program, as well as the likelihood of completing the entire program.

It may also be important to mention that duration is an integral element of successful residential care. Statistically, those who spend 30 days or more in residential care are more likely to remain drug free. Therefore, any Amarillo drug treatment centers that promise a quick fix in a few days are likely doing a disservice to their patients.

Some Subpar Programs Don’t Address Mental Health or Past Trauma

Patients may not get the successful recovery they deserve if they attend treatment centers that don’t directly address the psychological aspects of addiction. In particular, a history of past trauma and mental health disorders are vital elements in the battle for recovery.

It would absolutely be a mistake to ignore the impact of mental health on addiction, and the impact of addiction on mental health. As many as 50% of those addicted to drugs also struggle with a mental disorder or a behavioral issue, both of which will need to be treated in order to achieve a successful recovery. There’s also ample evidence to suggest that trauma may spark addiction, so no rehab would be complete without first addressing and treating the trauma in dual diagnosis treatment.

The Best Facilities Boast Amenities That Patients Will Love

Recovery isn’t always about one-on-one therapy sessions or intensive treatments. In fact, sometimes a key part of recovery is when patients are pursuing passions and hobbies. These activities are far more than just a way to pass the time, because they can help patients develop self esteem and learn skills. Perhaps more importantly, they can relieve stress, which is integral to relapse prevention.

In order for patients at a rehab center to find an activity they can be passionate about, there should be a full range of options available. Some of the most popular amenities include the following:

  • Golf courses or driving ranges
  • Swimming pools
  • Yoga facilities
  • Fitness classes
  • Gym area
  • Fishing opportunities
  • Kayaking or boating options

Amarillo Drug Treatment Centers Might Not be Convenient for Family

When in rehab, patients should make the most of any and all support systems available to them. Often, family members want to learn more about recovery and what they can do to help. The best programs will offer families the opportunity to come in and understand more about addiction as an illness, as well as what the road to lasting sobriety will look like.

Unfortunately, not all Amarillo drug treatment centers offer family programs to their patients. In addition, some aren’t at convenient times, or they are located too far away to be beneficial to family members.

Not All Facilities Embrace a Comprehensive Approach to Recovery

Recovery from addiction isn’t a one-size-fits-all process for patients. Therefore, all drug treatment centers should offer a range of treatments and therapies in order to best help patients.

That often starts with assessing the need for dual diagnosis treatment, and it will also typically include evidence-based treatment methods such as behavioral therapies and group counseling. A more holistic approach could also focus on lifestyle training, as well as nutritional therapy to boost the health and wellness of all patients.

If Amarillo drug treatment centers don’t meet the high standards that all patients deserve, there are alternatives to consider. Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, Texas, is a comprehensive drug treatment facility that can help patients break free from addiction and embrace a life of health and sobriety. For more information, call us today at 866-656-8384.