If you have been caught in the cycle of drug addiction in Ft. Worth and are ready to gain treatment, you may believe that your only options are local. But there is a healing, caring environment only one hour by car to the northeast, a viable and engaging alternative to Ft Worth drug treatment. Getting out of the DFW metroplex for treatment can actually be much better for healing from a history of drug use in Ft. Worth.

Healing Springs Ranch, an Alternative to Ft Worth Drug Treatment

Country Quiet -- Good Alternative to Ft Worth Drug Treatment

Northeast of Ft. Worth in peaceful Tioga, TX is Healing Springs Ranch, an option to Ft Worth drug treatment situated on 50 acres of quarter horse country ranch land. Unlike any rehab in the Ft. Worth area, Healing Springs Ranch features a lodge setting with 28 residences alongside a private lake in this quaint Texas community of only 900 people.

At Healing Springs Ranch, you can find yourself far away from the pressures of city life and past drug use in Ft. Worth. But you will still be close enough that friends and family can visit or work and school matters can be attended to with only a short drive. You will not feel disconnected from home, yet will enjoy the space and room you need to breathe deeply, focus on recovery and gain wellness for your strongest chance of recovery from drugs or alcohol.

Country Quiet May Be the Best Alternative to Ft Worth Drug Treatment

There is a strong heritage of Texas ranch life in every aspect of Ft. Worth existence. But at Healing Springs Ranch in Tioga, you can reconnect to that heritage in ways that help you become stronger in sobriety. You will feel less confined at this retreat where fresh air and outdoors can be enjoyed for all they are worth while gaining the healing help you need. After all, the quality and depth of your drug treatment experience plays a strong role in the strength of your future.

Other reasons why retreating to Tioga, TX may be the best option for your recovery include:

Fresh Perspective from Triggers and Temptations

Addiction is tiresome and makes people caught in its cycle feel trapped, isolated and hopeless. A fresh start away from familiar triggers and temptations can provide strength toward a happy and fulfilling life of sobriety.

At Healing Springs Ranch, you can be free from past drug history, social connections and triggers. You can focus on gaining strength in recovery before being exposed to those places that make you vulnerable. The distance also provides a feeling of being away from it all, a freshness inherent in travel, without having to suffer the inconveniences or expense of getting on a plane and traveling across the country.


While in Ft Worth drug treatment, locals are everywhere and you may not feel comfortable sharing aspects of personal life and drug history openly among these people with connections to those you know. Because Healing Springs Ranch is away from your immediate living area, you are afforded inherent privacy in your treatment in Tioga. This out-of-town environment naturally presents greater privacy and opportunity to be more honest, open and engaged in your treatment.

Healing Springs Ranch Is a Retreat for Healing from Addiction

In Tioga only one hour from Ft. Worth and as an alternative to Ft Worth drug treatment, your recovery is far enough away from home that you gain immediate freedom from the familiar places and faces of your drug history. On these 50 acres, you are able to gain the treatment you need to look to the future as a place of personal happiness, fulfillment and strength in recovery.

Call Healing Springs Ranch to learn more about 30 to 90 day residential treatment programs as alternative to Ft Worth drug treatment. Getting away from your local area can provide the fresh start you need.