Addiction Treatment Centers in Tennessee May Not Live Up to Quality Standards

Healing Springs May have the group therapy you want that addiction treatment centers in Tennessee did not.

Would it make sense for you to travel to Healing Springs Ranch and seek out treatment for substance abuse? Although the peaceful location in quarter-horse ranch country (an hour outside of downtown Dallas) sounds like a great place, you should be able to get help closer to where you live, right? Well, maybe not. If the addiction treatment centers in Tennessee are not up to par, the travel to get well may be worth your while.

Are You Getting the Help You Need?

If you’ve already tried to find help for a substance abuse problem, you know that working with just the right mix of professionals can make a big difference in the success or failure of your treatment. There are some warning signs that a current course of therapy is not working or may be doing more damage than it fixes.

  • Continued drug abuse. Although you might have made it through detoxification, you went back to using the drug almost right away. This relapse may be due to a lack of seamless transition from detox to rehab. Usually, this problem occurs when addiction treatment centers in Tennessee do not coordinate care with detox facilities.
  • Lopsided treatment. Some treatment programs focus almost exclusively on your mental health but neglect the need for taking care of your physical wellness, too. Just like an airplane with one wing won’t fly, a person struggling with addiction can’t embark on a healthy lifestyle with real decision-making powers if one aspect of the treatment isn’t there.
  • Dissatisfying outcomes. When attending treatment at one or more addiction treatment centers in Tennessee, you’ve noticed that relapses happened almost immediately after discharge. These setbacks are warning signs that one or more of your needs remain unmet.

Understanding the Four-pronged Approach that Addiction Treatment Centers in Tennessee Might Not Know About

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration identifies four pillars that enable you to live a life of sobriety. Without them, it’s questionable how successful you can be.

  1. Combination of mental and physical health care. Healthy choices that govern your nutritional intake can lead to a healthier body, which results in a boost to your emotional well-being. Combine this understanding with the treatment for the mental aspects of the drug abuse, and you receive well-rounded assistance that treats the whole person.
  2. Safe living conditions. After you’re ready to move back home, you need to have a place to live that is safe and stable. But remember that you also need this type of support while undergoing treatment. If addiction treatment centers in Tennessee are unable to provide you with a bed in a well-run facility, they may jeopardize the outcomes of your efforts.
  3. Reasons for the living. Returning to your home and family are the two primary reasons why people suffering from addiction seek help. However, your wellness goes beyond this immediate result. Personal and professional growth, for example, offer an additional meaning for your life. An excellent residential treatment facility will help prepare you for a return to your family and society.
  4. Support network. Sober living is not a destination but a journey. Along the way, you need the community to help guide you. Support systems that act as safety nets provide important relapse prevention functions. Unless addiction treatment centers in Tennessee can assist you in the formation of these relationships, you may find that you lack support at the most pivotal moments in life.

Why Texas May Hold the Answer

If others have failed you, coming to the Healing Springs Ranch is more than just a trip to a location with a workout facility, nine-hole golf course, and fishing opportunities. It might become a matter of life and death. Once you’ve been through the process of detox and rehab a few times, you tend to lose your zeal and confidence. Before long, the names of lackluster addiction treatment centers in Tennessee become a blur. Don’t give up now!

Make a Call Today That Can Change Your Life!

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