If a person struggling with a drug or alcohol abuse problem cannot find help in the area where s/he lives, are there other options? Many would suggest that this individual is too fussy and fails to take full advantage of the options available. We’re here to tell you that maybe it’s not you, but rather the treatment facilities that fall short. If addiction centers in GA have let you down, Healing Springs Ranch in Texas might be a better fit.

Core Values Set Apart the Treatment Facility from Others

She's crying because addiction centers in GA failed her.

You can tell a lot by the values a rehab center embraces. When excellence is at the forefront of outcome measurements and compassion is a primary value, there’s little doubt that interactions between staff members and clients differ from what you might have come to expect while working with addiction centers in GA. Factoring in additional aspects of care such as integrity in all dealings and a client-service oriented treatment model, it’s clear that the approach to rehab is innovative and cutting-edge rather than possibly outmoded. Of course, it matters little what it says in the glossy brochures when the day-to-day experiences speak for themselves.

Evaluating the Makeup of Excellent Facilities

Do addiction centers in GA measure up to the standards? The National Institute on Drug Abuse pinpoints the art and science of matching treatment modalities to a patient’s needs as the hallmark of a good rehab setting. Because problems and people are unique, a one-size-fits-all approach can not only be useless but may even damage those seeking treatment. Factors to consider include the severity of addiction, a client’s personal profile, secondary treatment needs, and possible future rehab busters that you can identify as early as intake.

Why Addiction Centers in GA May Have Let You Down

At this point, you may be disappointed in your failure to get off drugs. Maybe you’ve even lost confidence that you can live a sober life. We’re here to tell you that you may not be to blame. Rather than losing hope, consider the possibility that the residential treatment you needed and what you received at the addiction centers in GA you worked with were different.

For example, did you know that struggling to overcome an addiction is far more complicated than merely tweaking your biochemical reactions to the absence of certain substances? A good rehab facility staff knows that psychological, environmental, and genetic influences play a huge role in these considerations. There are further differentiations, too.

  • Trauma focus. It is simplistic for a therapist to suggest that work stress is a contributing factor to your drug addiction. While it may be part of it, consider the “why” of addiction a multi-layered cause that calls for discovery. When you understand that you’ve suffered a trauma at some point in your life, which may very well have led you to experience work stress in this particular situation, you realize that treating your disease is not as easy as detoxifying your body and sending you on your way.
  • Family therapy. That said, trauma also factors into any family therapy you undergo. Because you will eventually return to live with your family, it makes sense that they, too, need to learn about your trauma and find out how to help you. They also may have suffered and now require help. When you worked with addiction centers in GA, there’s a good chance that this discussion didn’t come up.
  • Holistic treatment. Customization is a fundamental component to a successful rehab experience. When our experts work with a client, we understand that some needs shift during the treatment. We’re ready to adjust our approach to give you appropriate care at all stages of your recovery. Have any of the addiction centers in GA offered to alter your modalities when it became evident that your needs were changing?

Getting Real Help Today

Don’t allow the frustration with addiction centers in GA color your perception of rehab. You can live a healthy and fulfilling life without having to give in to the stranglehold of dependency. When you call 866-656-8384 today, you’ll connect with a compassionate, knowledgeable professional who can answer all of your questions and provide you with real help.